CITGO Gas Station Supplies

Anyone who has ever visited a CITGO gas station will recognize the triangular logo that comes in all the products and packaging. Branded cups and bags are a great way to enhance the customer's experience and make it more memorable, not to mention that they become free advertising the moment the client leaves the shop.

When a passerby sees your client sipping their coffee out of a CITGO branded cup, or enjoying a cold drink from a cup with the CITGO logo, they will remember it as the place to go when they are thirsty or in need of caffeine. Research has shown people remember logos much better when they see them on useful objects, and few things are more useful than a morning cup of coffee or a plastic bag. Reinforce your brand and enhance your client experience with our CITGO Gas Station Supplies.

We carry branded cups and bags with the CITGO logo, which you can order in small amounts if your budget and storage are not ready for thousands upon thousands of branded cups.

Some of the CITGO Gas Station Supplies we carry include:

- Large flat bags, for snacks and purchases. A customer carrying a bag becomes a walking billboard and will attract new customers to your store.

- Large cups in both PET and PP plastic, ideal for soda, juice, ice coffees, and all kinds of cold drinks. Our 44 oz cup is a crowd-pleaser.

- Foam cups for hot drinks, like cocoa and coffee, which clients can never get enough of.