Cups with lids and straws - bulk

When buying for a C-store, restaurant, coffee shop or large event, if you need 

cups with lids and straws, bulk is the only option. But having said that, bulk does not have to mean generic - branded 

cups with lids and straws in bulk are within reach of even standalone coffee shops and restaurants.

Many business owners worry that they cannot afford to order branded cups with lids and straws, since bulk quantities may be too large for their needs. This is why we offer small runs, so that even small businesses can have access to the cups with lids and straws bulk orders they require without worrying about storage or an upset budget.

Offering branded cups and accessories (lids, sleeves, straws, bags) makes your business seem more established and polished, shows you pay attention to details, and contributes to building trust even in first time customers.

Besides this, branded containers and packaging serve as advertising wherever your clients take them. Your delicious coffees, juices and drinks may even entice new customers to visit your shop after they saw someone else enjoying them. This would never happen if you use generic cups.

Some of our best selling product include paper, plastic (PET or PP) and foam cups in sizes from 12 oz to 44 oz, as well as lids and accessories such as stirrers, straws and sleeve for hot drinks. We also offer matching plastic bags with your logo on them, so your clients become a walking billboard for your coffee shop or restaurant.