Phillips 66 Gas Station Supplies

The Phillips 66 logo is a classic in the highways of the USA, and it brings up memories of road trips and feelings of nostalgia to many.
The 66 in the logo has a fun history: as per the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum,  the “Phillips 66” name for the gasoline was chosen because the specific gravity of the gasoline was close to 66, the car testing the fuel did 66 miles per hour, and the test took place on US Route 66.
If you run a C-store for a Phillips 66 station, you need Phillips Gas Station Supplies to complete the customer experience, and even to sell as souvenirs to those with a passion for nostalgia and cars. The beautiful red and blue logo looks great on cups and bags, and it also serves as free advertising when clients take their drinks or snacks away from your store.
 Some our best selling Phillips Gas Station Supplies include:
-  Large flat bags with the Phillips 66 logo. These turn every client into a walking billboard advertising your store, and are super convenient for snack purchases.
- Thin wall foam cups in 12 oz and 20 oz presentations. Their insulating properties make them ideal for both hot and cold drinks, and we have lids available for all presentations.
- The 44 oz foam cup, a favorite of road trippers and slushie fans. These giant cups are often a best selling product with good margins, and those happy clients sipping their drinks will surely entice other thirsty people to head your way for a large drink.